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(by Lewey Geselowitz)


Volumetric Hand Poses

Key hand poses for effective volumetric interaction. Based on poses and sequences from Mantis Kung Fu. Each pose is a shape, hand state and cursor effect:
Open Neither contracted nor protracted No Cursor A relaxed state
Flat/Wide All protracted, palm down Rotate*/Z-Scrolling Held for rotation, but casually
Pointing Index protracted, ring and pinky contracted Aiming/Zooming-Z For focusing on a specific point
Row Palm to the inside, palm fingers not protracted Row Scrolling Scrolling up and down, fingers tips used for detail.
Column Palm to the inside, palm fingers protracted Column Scrolling Scrolling left and right.
Closed All contracted Resets Used as an escape

*Biases towards rotate pose: Using your non-dominant hand to rotate and hold a reference space is so vital an activity that the rotate state should be deeply biased towards once it has been initiated by the user.

Early Scroll+Zoom demo

Video 1:
The colors on the fingers represent the protraction state of each finger (protracted/relaxed/contracted).
The blocks around the hands represent the current cursor state (see hand poses above).

Demo built using Unity 3D and the Leap Motion sensor and SDK. (with finger protraction and hand pose recognition added).